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 Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker (tab), аккорды
 TAB Symbols
 b - bend note 1/2 step
 B - bend note full step
 bb - bend note 1/4 step
 / - slide up
  - slide down
 Then play this riff once:
 After this, play the first riff once more.
     Hey fellas have you heard the news      you know the ?`s back in town
     A woman came `long just to watch an` see all the fellas lay their
           money down
     The ?style? is new but the pay`s the same as it was so long ago
     But from her eyes a different smile [can`t understand this at all]
 Now, play this 3x:
 e:|-7-5-| After this, go to the 1st intro riff, and play it
 B:|-7-5-| twice.  Then, play the 2nd riff once, and the 1st
 G:|-7-5-| riff once.
 After this, the it goes back to the verse riff, with these lyrics:
 Well it`s been ten years and maybe more since I first set eyes on you
 The best years of my life gone by, here I am alone and blue
 Some peaple cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love
 But I just keep on rollin` `long with a praise from the Lord above
 Play the `chrod` riff (above) 3x, and then this:
 Play 2x
 Play 1x
 Play 1x
 The lyrics for this part are:
 People talkin` all around
 `bout the way you left me flat
 i don`t care what the people say
 i know where their job is at
 one thing i do have on my mind
 if you could cloarify please do
 is the way you called me another guy`s name
 when i tried to make love . . . to you
 just after `to you`, this riff comes in:
 After this, comes the solo, which I`m not even going to attempt.
 After the solo, you come back to the `verse` riff, with these lyrics:
 [can`t understand first line]
 abuse my love a thousand times, however hard i try
 heartbreaker your time has come can`t take your evil ways
 go away heartbreaker
 now, play the `chord` riff 6 times, and start playing the 1st intro riff.
 Play through it once, and start it again, but leave out the last 9 notes.
 If anybody has the solo, please post it.  I`m also looking for TAB/chords
 to hendrix`s Purple Haze.

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