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Led Zeppelin - Battle Of Evermore (crd), аккорды
 Am       Am G   Am      Am C      Am       Am  G     Am Am C
 Queen of Light, took her bow, and then she turned to go
 Am        Am G     Am         Am C       Am         Am  G Am  Am C
 Prince of Peace, embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone
    D     D     D     D     D     D     D     D
 Oh,........(sorry, don`t remember this verse)
 (continues Am Am G Am Am C etc. until:)
 Am         D                Am                 D
 I hear the horse`s thunder, down in the valley below
 G7              C                  G7              C
 waiting for the angels of Babylon, waiting for the eastern glow
 and so forth...
 It`s probably a good idea to listen to the song to get the rhythm down
 I hope this helps at least a little...

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